We have a proud track record of securing success for our clients and we are passionate about assisting people with disabilities.

Why Bendels Consulting®?

Bendels Consulting® was founded in February 2007 and is a niche tax consulting practice. For the past ten years we have specialised in the provision of tax compliance and tax law advisory services to individuals where there is a “disability” in the family. The key focus of Bendels Consulting® relates to the complex tax treatment (and associated tax breaks) in respect of medical expenses, especially those pertaining to “disabilities”. In particular, we aim to ensure that qualifying taxpayers obtain all their applicable tax breaks in respect of current, future and prior-tax years.
Bendels Consulting® provides specialist tax compliance and tax law advisory services to individuals where there is a “disability” in the family.

we talk “disability”

We have a greater understanding of the nature, challenges and expenses associated with disabilities and we know the importance of ensuring that your non-discretionary expenditure translates to tax relief.

we have a history of helping families

Bendels Consulting® secures tax relief that is, on average, three times the national average. We have accumulated a wealth of intellectual capital and experience in attending to disability related tax matters.

we represent qualifying taxpayers

We are the voice for the “disabled” community. We invest time in making representations on behalf of qualifying taxpayers to SARS and National Treasury on matters such as qualifying disability-related expenditure and tax law changes.
As disability tax law specialists representing qualifying taxpayers, Bendels Consulting® has a social responsibility to support charitable and non-profit organisations.

we specialise in disability tax law

All instructions undertaken by us relate to disability tax law matters. As we do not attend to matters such as accounting or auditing we are proud to focus all of our energy and efforts in being the undisputed leader in disability tax law
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