A “sugar coated pill” for the festive season

By now I am sure that many of you have begun the countdown to the beginning of the festive season. Part of winding down and in order to enjoy some well-deserved fun in the sun, one needs to ensure that all the “Nitty-Gritties” are out of the way. One of those being your 2011 tax return.

In order to assist you in receiving your refund prior to the festive season, we need to remind you that tax returns are due by the end of November. In our experience, presentation of your medical expenses claim is the key to maximising and receiving prompt refunds.

Bendels Consulting, purely as a result of exclusively specialising in and advising on this complex area of tax law, are pleased to mention that over the past year we have achieved some very gratifying milestones for our clients;

1) As per SARS official statistics, the average refund in respect of “disabilities” country-wide is R15 000.00. Due to the specialisation of Bendels Consulting, we are pleased to be able to state that the average refund we have obtained for our clients in respect of a “disability” is R50 000.00

2) Successfully being able to dispute a client’s 2005 tax assessment- the result meaning successful “disability” medical expense claims for 7 tax years, 2005 to 2011.

3) The successful completion of 5 years of “disability” claims for two tax payers.

Due to the tax return deadline, Eugene will be in JHB for last minute consultations, should any of you need to consult with him for your 2011 tax return or any other reason pertaining to tax law and “disabilities”.

Eugene will be available for consultations at our offices in Nelson Mandela Square on the following dates :

Wednesday 26th October

Thursday 27th October

Friday 28th October

Should anyone like to book a consultation , please feel free to contact me telephonically on 021 526 0444 or email me at trusson@bendelsconsulting.co.za

Wishing you all the very best as the festive season approaches !


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