About Bendels Consulting®

Founded in February 2007, Bendels Consulting® is a niche tax consulting practice. For the past ten years we have specialised in the provision of tax compliance and tax law advisory services to individuals where there is a “disability” in the family.

Bendels Consulting® has presented in Parliament and made representations to SARS and National Treasury on tax policy relating to “disability” tax relief. We have also written and spoken extensively in this specialist area, including expert articles in the press and presentations at special needs schools, hospitals, government forums, universities, and non-government organisations.

Further tax benefits in relation to “disabilities” include, but are not limited to, tax planning using “special trusts”. With careful permissible tax planning many other substantial tax benefits can be obtained.

The services Bendels Consulting® offers to its clients include the following:

Tax Compliance Services

We offer a full range of tax compliance services which primarily involves ensuring that qualifying taxpayers receive the applicable tax relief in respect of either their own “disability” or that of their dependent. We understand that qualifying taxpayers incur significant non-discretionary expenditure and accordingly we focus on securing financial relief.

Notwithstanding this, many of the clients of Bendels Consulting® have several other complex tax law matters and it is thus incumbent on Bendels Consulting® to have a good knowledge of all areas of personal tax law including but not limited to: employment and other sources of income, capital gains tax, fringe benefits, and international tax.

A vast majority of the tax compliance that Bendels Consulting® carries out involves disputing prior-year income tax assessments with respect to “disability” claims.

It is well accepted practice that trusts are commonly used for estate planning purposes. Special trusts, which can be created for person(s) with a “disability”, obtain more favourable tax treatment than “normal” inter-vivos trusts. Such benefits include lower rates of income tax, lower capital gains inclusion rate and other tax planning measures. Care should be taken when considering the creation as it important that the trust deed makes it clear that the trust will be regarded as a special trust for tax purposes.

Bendels Consulting® offers a full range of tax planning services to its clients, predominately in the area of tax law and “disabilities” in order to ensure clients obtain optimum tax results.

The use of special trusts is one such area which Bendels Consulting® specialises in.

What sets Bendels Consulting® apart from other tax practitioners?

Bendels Consulting® is passionate about assisting people with disabilities