Disability tax law publicity

Bendels Consulting has continued its relentless quest to assist as many affected taxpayers as possible.  I have written extensively over the past year.  Additionally an informative article appeared in Personal Finance last year ( Articles written and published over the past year are available to read on the Bendels Consulting…Read More

Tax and disability update

The past year has been an extremely busy one for Bendels Consulting.  The exponential growth is thanks to existing clients who have kindly referred our services.  Schools, charitable organisations and colleagues continue to contribute to the continued growth of Bendels Consulting. Bendels Consulting successfully objected to a record number of…Read More

Disabled not using all their tax breaks

Taxpayers with disabilities or who have disabled family members are probably not making full use of the tax deductions to which they are entitled, a tax consultant who specialises in assisting families affected by disabilities says. Eugene Bendel, a chartered accountant and founder of Bendels Consulting, says statistics provided by…Read More

Silence has not been golden…

In paradox to the subject of this article the author has been outspoken on the complex issues of tax and disabilities. Depressingly though, for the hundreds of thousands of affected taxpayers, the author’s apparent lone voice does not appear to have been heard by taxpayers and their practitioners. The old…Read More