Bendels Consulting History


Eugene Bendel

When Eugene Bendel discovered that South African taxpayers had overpaid billions of rands in unclaimed medical expenses, he knew he had to do something. Thus, on 1 February 2007, Bendels Consulting was born.

The problem of overpayment related to unclaimed medical expenses where a “handicap” existed in a family unit. Despite this issue making front page news in the Business Report (2 February 2007), tax advisers (and taxpayers) continued to ignore Bendel’s findings.

Tax advisers, having made incorrect submissions on behalf of their clients, attempted to discredit Bendel’s conclusions. In the face of such opposition, his efforts to share his substantial findings were difficult, to say the least.

Bendel was finally vindicated in 2010 when his exhaustive campaign led to a change in law. This saw the term “handicapped persons” replaced with the more inclusive definition of a person with a “disability”.

Since then, Bendels Consulting has gone from strength to strength. As a result of the founder’s own disability, the firm was sold to outstanding employee Richard Rogers, who took the helm since 1 March 2014.

Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers
Executive Consultant

Our former CEO (2014 to 2020), Richard now serves as an Executive Consultant, attending to select cases that are referred to him. He also provides training workshops to ensure that our consultants are kept up to date with the latest changes to the tax legislation.

He is registered as Master Tax Practitioner with the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT) – the largest of the professional tax bodies in the country.

Richard first joined Bendels Consulting in 2013 as Tax Manager. It was immediately evident that he was a talented professional who was committed to our values and mission; traits which saw him appointed as CEO the following year.

Richard demonstrated a clear passion for disability tax law and in 2015 obtained his MCom (Taxation) Degree from Rhodes University, with his thesis topic being the tax relief that is available to families where there is a person with a “disability”. In that same year, he was selected as one of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber’s Top 40 Under 40 Achievers.

During his time at the helm, Richard was involved in over 10 000 disability tax cases with SARS, accumulating a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience. We are immensely proud of the work he has done through Bendels Consulting and the positive impact he has had on the lives of those affected by disability.

Richard always understood the importance of sharing his expertise so that more qualifying taxpayers could receive much-needed assistance. Over the years, he gave countless pro bono tax talks at special needs schools, non-profit organisations, medical institutions and care facilities. He was also interviewed as a disability tax law expert in the national media (see links below).

Towards the end of 2020, having made many personal sacrifices, Richard saw it necessary to step down as CEO to allow him time to focus on his private life.


Research Paper:

After completing a BCom Degree at Rhodes University, majoring in Management Accounting and Finance, Accounting, and Taxation, Richard went on to obtain his Postgraduate Diploma in Taxation. He received the Grant Thornton award for topping his class and the Deloitte & Touche award for the best tax research paper. You can read Richard’s award-winning paper on the feasibility of National Health Insurance in South Africa and its anticipated additional burden on the country’s tax base here.

Wearing glasses in the eyes of SARS

Author: Mark Bechard (IOL)

The fact that you wear glasses or contact lenses does not in itself mean you have a physical impairment and can claim tax relief for related medical expenses.

School fees ‘not tax-deductible’

Author: Mark Bechard (IOL)

School fees can be claimed as a tax deduction in specific circumstances only, and parents who try to claim fees as a donation face being penalised by the South African Revenue Service (SARS). This warning comes from Richard Rogers, the director of Bendels Consulting, a tax firm that specialises in disability tax law.

Disability 360 – Richard Rogers, Director of Bendels Consulting

Bendels Consulting® is a niche tax consulting practice. For the past ten years we have specialised in the provision of tax compliance and tax law advisory services to individuals where there is a “disability” in the family.