What our clients have to say

As South Africa’s leading disability tax practice Bendels Consulting® strives to deliver a personal and professional service. We would like to share with you what our clients have to say after entrusting Bendels Consulting® with their tax matters:

Muneer – Cape Town
Thank you very much for all the effort you invested in securing this refund for us. We certainly will be using your service again. Again allow me to say thank you very much for all your assistance with my tax affairs.

Warren – Cape Town
Thanks a million! You guys have a good hit rate. Thanks goes to you all, we have ‘been together’ for several years. Again I am grateful to your consulting firm.

Mareli – Johannesburg
Thanks for all your effort. I now have first-hand experience of your good service- will certainly recommend you to our patients.

Jason – Cape Town
Truly impressive – thank you for the enormous saving of hassle and time for me.

Thuli – Port Elizabeth
Bendels Consulting assisted me immensely last year and I thank God for them. I will certainly require assistance for this year as well!!!

Lynnette – Durban
Wow you have just made our Christmas! Thank you, thank you, we have been blessed.

Penny – Johannesburg
You have just made my day. That is fantastic news – wish you were here so that I could give you a big hug to say thank you. THANK YOU!

Deidre – Johannesburg
Thanks SO much for this excellent news! I am really recommending your firm to everybody I know with a child with special needs!!!

Nikki – Johannesburg
Thank you so much. We appreciate so much your advice and effort; the funds will help us to continue providing our child with the support that has helped him so far.

Mayra – Krugersdorp
That is quite surprising! Didn’t expect it at all. Thank you so much for your efforts, it is really appreciated!

James – Pretoria
This is too good to be true! I wish I had made that first call many years ago….! Many thanks again for being so super-thorough!

Denzyl – Johannesburg
Early on this year I made contact with the Bendels Consulting Johannesburg office seeking tax return advice. They responded to my queries and since then my experience with Bendels Consulting has been most pleasant. Bendels Consulting is extremely professional, results driven and they clearly understand the challenges that parents with challenged children face. A consultant pro-actively led my wife and me through the process of data gathering and the results were better than I had anticipated. This consultant is a true ambassador of your company and I look forward to having him submit my next return.

Annerie – Johannesburg
Thank you once again for your professional service.

Nomfundo – Pretoria
I want to thank Bendels Consulting for your services and the support you gave to me. Working with you made some of my challenges very easy.

Robyn – Johannesburg
A huge thank you to Bendels Consulting from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done.

Tsarina – Cape Town
Thanks so much for your help with this tax claim and I’m pleasantly surprised to hear that SARS has decided to pay me out. Obviously thanks to your involvement!! Thank you to everyone in the Bendels Consulting team who may have helped; I am impressed with the service I have received.

Mandy – Johannesburg
Bendels Consulting handles our disability claims for our daughter, has given us excellent results and advice, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs expert tax advice. The consultant was personable, an expert and had a high level of integrity.

Nike – Cape Town
With this year’s success, next year I will be first in line to submit!

Kathy – Johannesburg
I am so pleased that Bendels Consulting is able to deal with SARS in an effective way. The past is now resolved and I also look forward to smooth dealings in the future. With much appreciation and thanks. As they say in the modern classics “Give that man a Bell’s!”

Cheryll – Teacher, KwaZulu-Natal
Thank you for an excellent presentation. The consultant was honest, open and sincere. I will refer people to Bendels Consulting.

Fazel – Durban
I have been very satisfied with our communication and your effectiveness, I have already recommended your company to a number of my colleagues. You are not only competent but highly professional. I am very satisfied and appreciate your courteous and efficient service provided. Thank You. Your staff involved in the process are so kind and they are very cooperative, ever so willing to assist. I found each employee that I dealt with to be knowledgeable, friendly and very patient. In my books your Team is not only efficient but 1st class!!! I would also like to give Special mention to Monique for her excellent service and advice throughout my claim; she guided me through the whole process very well. My recommendations would be because of the support and attention she gave me as a client. Please ensure Monique is praised for her attention to detail and friendly manner. Bendels Consulting did a fine job handling my Tax claim for me and I will definitely continue to recommend your service to my Family, Friends and Colleagues. Delighted with the service, look forward to our long standing relationship.

Constance – Johannesburg
I am starting to think that you are angels because every time when things look hopeless you give me something to smile about.