Disability tax law publicity

Bendels Consulting has continued its relentless quest to assist as many affected taxpayers as possible.  I have written extensively over the past year.  Additionally an informative article appeared in Personal Finance last year (http://www.iol.co.za/business/personal-finance/tax/disabled-not-using-all-their-tax-breaks-1.1315200).

Articles written and published over the past year are available to read on the Bendels Consulting website  – here under the category PRESSBOX

The now much talked about need for tax consolidation was first publicly highlighted by Bendels Consulting in 2011.  It was noted, at that time, that the Income Tax Act would turn 50 in 2012.  The article appeared in The TaxTalk Magazine (May/June 2011) – copy of article attached hereto for ease of reference.  It would be presumptions on the part of Bendels Consulting to suggest that Parliament took its cue from Bendels Consulting.  However, it is reassuring that Bendels Consulting appears to be on the same wavelength as The Minister of Finance.


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